Chairperson’s Report 2018

Before the meeting began I proposed a minute of silence for two departed members, namely Jaan Andreller a past chairman, and Jaan Rajamets. We are going to miss them so much and but we will never forget them.

Tulevik met in November,  May and August where we organised the 69th children’s camp. The March weekend was cancelled due to bad weather.

On the Saturday morning of the November get together we travelled to the Curve Theatre in Leicester to participate in the One City Cultural Festival. We were much appreciated by our singing performance. Thanks goes to Astrid Edwards who organised this trip.

The A.G.M. took place in the afternoon. You can refer to the discussion points in the A.G.M. minutes on which items were discussed. In the evening we celebrated Martin’s 30th, and thank Lydia for raffle prizes.

In March, some members did brave the adverse weather conditions to attend the Leicester Estonian Club. The Leicester, Nottingham and Tulevik communities organised the 100th Estonian Independence Day. It was a very successful and enjoyable evening.

The I.EU. A.G.M. took place on Saturday morning of the May weekend where Linda and I represented Tulevik.  Ly organised a dance rehearsal and thank you to Ly, and to Peter for providing the accompaniment. During lunch we marked the 70th anniversary of the I.E.U. and Eesti Haal. It was good to see a few past members of the I.E.U. attend.

We were again successful in obtaining  financial  assistance from the Estonian Education Department of Education and Science. Many thanks to Reet for writing this bid, ably assisted by Toomas and Kristy. After the forum meeting preparations were made for the 44th dinner dance. Our  theme was EV 100-blue, black and white and thanks to those who decorated the Banqueting Suite. Dance music was provided by Peter and Alex.

The children’s camp was very successful with campers from the UK as well as Estonia, and Germany. We welcomed new children and they enjoyed the range of activities. The Estonian lesson theme was to research 100 famous Estonians.  Some individuals presented their findings at the concert. An excellent performance was given by the children both in the singing and dancing. A quality art display was also viewed. We presented the Leo Veski award to Virge James who has strong ties with Tulevik and the summer camp. I thank all of the leaders for their hard work and dedication to camp. Peter led the community singing. Thank you to everybody who helped in any way and we thank all organisations and individuals who helped to finance summer camp.

The Estonian European Song and Dance Festival was a huge success. Some Tulevik members were on the organising committee, and thank you to those who helped during the weekend. Memories of the festival will remain with a lot of people for a very long time.

I thank the committee members for organising the weekends along with the people who have led activities. We recently sent Lydia Jarvik a get well card and send her love and best wishes.

We look forward to our 45th anniversary and the 70th children’s camp.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to attend this weekend.

Karin Blakeley-November 2018